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A day ago

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Hello everyone,

It's been a while since there's been anything to post in here, so I'll start off with an update on what's been going on behind the scenes.

I've been talking with the folks at VerticalScope about giving us some more access to the site and effectively letting us do our own thing again like we used to, and whilst progress has been slow, we're definitely getting somewhere with it. So, what're we gonna do?

Well, here's a few things for starters to get things back in gear:
  • Get Staff set back up with the right permissions and the ability to do what they need to once again. De-nerfing the forums from the various takeovers/changes of ownership that haven't fared it well.
  • Fixing the broken links. That portal Link at the top that's been broken for waaaaay too long is going to be chased until it's all sorted.
  • Getting the spam under control. We all hate Spam, therefore it must die. Simple.
  • Giving us control of the site & Features. I'm working with VerticalScope to have this stuff re-added to the forums. Things like our old chat module have all been removed and would be really handy when events are running.
  • Email Sendouts. As you might expect, once the essentials are out of the way, we'll be emailing everyone to tell them what's going on and what we're doing over here. :)
  • Tidy up and revamp. I know we all liked the old site the way it used to be. Fast, responsive, nice to look at and above all, ours. That's what I'm going to try and bring back.
  • Far more stuff! But let's get the show on the road first!
i'll continue to work with VerticalScope to try to bring the site back, however as much as they have been relatively cooperative thus far with my communications, they have a long way to go to satisfy my aims, much less all of your own aims.

Rest assured, I will be completely transparent about anything going on and you'll all be informed if anything changes.


- iHackMyi: The Future - [Essential Read]

A week ago

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So, I've been chatting with the VerticalScope Staff who've been incredibly responsive banging my head against a brick wall which has slowly replied over the last month, and reached an ultimatum that I'm proposing to all of you, in pubic and out of the staff room. As you know, the forum has been battered and essentially has been killed off back to the roots thanks to various plebs being placed in power they didn't know how to handle.

My proposal I have made to VerticalScope is that the old staff, from back in the days when the site was active, are given control and allowed to make the changes that they would like to see to bring back the site we knew and loved, rather than forcing us to move between ****ty half-baked boards made by people without a clue how to run a bath much less a forum. Yes Mimmi, I mean you ;) (Love ya really)

Should VerticalScope co-operate, then we should be able to start afresh here on iHackMyi.com and do what CometAcademy, AllDigitalTalk and that other one nobody remembers failed to do, and sort this **** out.
Otherwise, they can shove the site up their asses and turn it into a tube8 advert. The ball is in their park and the verdict will be landed with you guys shortly. (Within a week going by the current VS speed of reply).

Regardless, I'll let you guys know the outcome via this thread (or a new one if needed).