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Building an App

27 April 2014 - 11:12 PM

Hey all,

With my shiny new MacBook in hand and my iPod(s) sitting on my desk I've been pondering putting together an App for this website. I've been working with XCode for a few weeks building a Linux Shell that went reasonably well, and I'd like to work on an app over the next few weeks in my spare time some evenings.

What I'd like to know of you guys is this; Have any of you built anything using XCode? Ever made an app? If you did, how did it go, and would you be interested in working on one with me?

Answers on the back of a postcard to the usual address ;)

Got an iPhone 5 With a Dodgy Lock Button? Good News!

26 April 2014 - 07:31 PM

Posted Image Got an iPhone 5 With a Dodgy Lock Button? Good News!

As of now in the US, or 2nd May in the rest of the world, Apple will repair faulty iPhone 5 devices with qualifying serial numbers free of charge.

In contrast to the warranty replacement scheme, your iPhone will be repaired and you'll be notified when it's ready for collection. 16GB iPhone 5's will be available in some stores as a temporary loan if necessary too.

Whilst this isn't as spectacular as the iPod nano replacement scheme, it's still pretty neat for anyone suffering from a broken lock buttons out of warranty. The standard "Back it up, wipe it and turn off find my iPhone etc" applies as you'd probably expect if you've been into an Apple Store for tech help before.

If you're one of this unlucky group, click here and enter your iPhone serial number to find out if you're eligible for a repair on the house. (Remember to set your country)!

One last thing, the phone must still be working to qualify ;)

Posted Image

Good News! And Things to Come! - Update 24/04/14

24 April 2014 - 09:46 PM

Posted Image

Good News Everyone!

As you may have noticed, I've been granted access to the Administration panel and I'm now in the process of tidying the site back end up. There's a few broken things, a few outdated things, and a lot of messy stuff too.

For starters, I have disabled the "Portal" application as it's currently non-functional and throws up a lovely heap of errors when visited. In terms of browsing the site, you'll probably notice no difference at all there. (Unless you've got a keen eye!)

Once I've got the back end up and running, the next tasks will be with the front end, forums, features and functionality. Keep your eyes peeled!

Update: Some other updates you might like to hear:
  • Fixed some issues with files that weren't as safe as they could have been. It's looking nicer back there already! ;)
  • Fixed errors in the database that were causing tantrums.
  • Banned accounts now have less spamming potential.
  • All the new iPhones and iPads are now selectable in your profile!
  • Made the Reputation system balance better. This'll get changed more later.
  • Changed Default Theme to Original. I did say that'd be my first change!
  • Removed some excess swear words from the filter as we're not twelve anymore. It's gonna get a rewrite too soon!
  • Removed a lot of old, abandoned files that nobody's using.
  • Resynchronised all the statistics, so the numbers you see are right :)

iPhone Sales Soaring Again!

24 April 2014 - 12:49 AM

Posted Image

iPhone Sales Soar Again

Once again, Apple's sales figures have materialized and once again they've been a tad... well... nothing short of enormous. This year they've managed to sell us customers 43.7 million iPhones, beating last year by 6.7 million units. Just picture that for a second as these are some pretty insane numbers. That's 6,700,000 more phones than last year. Impressive.

Obviously this will be coming in part from the new spin that Apple have taken with launching two separate phones simultaneously, the 5S being the flagship model, and the 5C and it's pretty color schemes being aimed at the more general consumers with less money to put on the table. Sadly we'll probably never know which one is the bigger success as Apple don't publish those stats, but clearly they're doing something right and their next product launch will probably be a direct response to the sales of these particular units.

If we see a more colorful, 'fun' and creative presentation from Apple in the coming months then it's fair to say that their gamble on the 5C has been a success, whereas if we see more Hyper-Tech infused devices following in the footsteps of the 5S, then it's a safe bet that the Tech has won out over the flair.

Posted Image

All that's left is for us to crowd around our streams at the next product announcement and see what happens next! Things might well be getting interesting again. ;)

In other sales news, Mac sales jolted up a substantial amount too compared to last year (heck, even I have one now), and Apple TV's shipped over 20 million boxes too. Who'd have thought that a few years back when they were still giant grey/white boxes? The miniscule sleek black ones are everywhere!

iPods, and iPads haven't fared so well this year, with falling sales in the former being predictable as people move to the iPhone and iPad, or hope for a sixth generation device to be announced. Tim Cook was quick to reply to this though saying, "We've sold over 210 million, which is more than we or anyone thought was possible" and, "It's interesting to note that that's over twice as many iPhones as we had sold in a comparable period of time and over seven times as many iPods as we had sold in the period of time."

Article: Wolvy
Images: arstechnica & sbnation

iHackMyi Status 18th April 2014

18 April 2014 - 01:49 AM

Posted Image

Hello everyone,

It's been a while since there's been anything to post in here, so I'll start off with an update on what's been going on behind the scenes.

I've been talking with the folks at VerticalScope about giving us some more access to the site and effectively letting us do our own thing again like we used to, and whilst progress has been slow, we're definitely getting somewhere with it. So, what're we gonna do?

Well, here's a few things for starters to get things back in gear:
  • Get Staff set back up with the right permissions and the ability to do what they need to once again. De-nerfing the forums from the various takeovers/changes of ownership that haven't fared it well.
  • Fixing the broken links. That portal Link at the top that's been broken for waaaaay too long is going to be chased until it's all sorted.
  • Getting the spam under control. We all hate Spam, therefore it must die. Simple.
  • Giving us control of the site & Features. I'm working with VerticalScope to have this stuff re-added to the forums. Things like our old chat module have all been removed and would be really handy when events are running.
  • Email Sendouts. As you might expect, once the essentials are out of the way, we'll be emailing everyone to tell them what's going on and what we're doing over here. :)
  • Tidy up and revamp. I know we all liked the old site the way it used to be. Fast, responsive, nice to look at and above all, ours. That's what I'm going to try and bring back.
  • Far more stuff! But let's get the show on the road first!
i'll continue to work with VerticalScope to try to bring the site back, however as much as they have been relatively cooperative thus far with my communications, they have a long way to go to satisfy my aims, much less all of your own aims.

Rest assured, I will be completely transparent about anything going on and you'll all be informed if anything changes.