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Flappy Bird is Officially Gone, Twitter wa...

RealtimeBullet's Photo RealtimeBullet 11 Feb 2014

The widely successful and ragingly difficult game has been removed from the store after a short journey. Hopefully you downloaded this before it dropped from both stores. Fans who already have downloaded the game do not need to worry as the game is still playable if downloaded. So you can ensure you still shed tears because your almost beat your high-score. The developer Dong Nguyen has removed the app like promised. Who knows what will happen to the developer or why the app is removed. Read full story at http://techravine.co...s-and-android/.

XiiCrackD's Photo XiiCrackD 17 Feb 2014

You can get this from any 3rd party AppStore. Not gone. and several developers have made new versions that don't trample on Nintendos work. Splashy fish was the latest I seen.

Towelie's Photo Towelie 25 Feb 2014

I think a new flappy something is out im going to try it for the 1st time